Simple Indulgences for September

Simple Indulgences for September

by: Susie Cortright

As the kids go back to school, you can go back to *you*…your schedule, your friends, your goals. Here are ten simple indulgences to celebrate this season.
1. Invite your girlfriends over for a Back-to-School tea. Have lots of “pamper me” items in hand. Do you – or any of your friends – know a massage therapist? Ask her to come and do backrubs. Eat decadent pastries and drink coffee or tea. Catch up on everything you’ve missed during the hectic summer.
2. Go on a hike or a bike ride all by yourself.
3. Start a circle journal to keep in touch with your friends. A circle journal (aka. “a round robin”) is a book that goes back and forth among friends, each of whom add a special contribution before passing it on. Here are more ideas on how to start your own:
4. Treat yourself to a new magazine subscription.
5. Buy something red.
6. What are you most passionate about? Start a home business that somehow relates to this passion. Autumn is a great time of year to get a business started. The kids are back to school and it’s before the hustle of the holidays.
7. Find or start a book club.
8. Make a brag book or mini scrapbook album depicting 10 things you love most about your spouse or child(ren). Present it to them as a “just because” gift.
9. Choose a charity that you and your family will support this season. Researching the charity will be a fun family activity – and then you can brainstorm all the ways you can raise money for this organization.
10. Know a good soup restaurant? Order takeout tonight. And don’t forget the fresh bread!

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This article was posted on September 07, 2005