A Fitter, Firmer, Self-esteem

A Fitter, Firmer, Self-esteem

by: Dorothy Lafrinere

Good Day Sweet people!
Today I am going to enlighten your minds with another unique topic that will enhance your positive self-esteem. It’s about getting fitter and firmer and healthier, which brings on more natural feelings of high self-esteem.
For the past few months I have been busy researching and putting together tons of information and much needed facts about the female body. This will be a new section to womensselfesteem.com, I hope you enjoy it.
As for my blog today I am going to tease your mind a bit with what I have done in the fitness area. I am working hard on simplifying the information that is out there. Through-out the years of frequenting gyms, running, cycling and racket sports, I have had the pleasure to meet and learn from many trainers and fitness instructors. I have done my best to share with you a few thoughts to peak your interest. Remember ladies, this is one of the best self-esteem tips I can bring to you.
I have simplified the “dieting thing” for you all. If you want to “diet” and really lose weight and be a MUCH better you, please read on. We hear about “DIETING” everywhere we go. Every day there is a “New” diet out there that praises itself for being better than any other ever tried. “HMMMMMM” is all I have to say about that word “DIET”. People that are severely over weight and need medical help should refer to a nutritionist. A nutritionist today is very well educated about better eating habits. They will unfortunately use terms like ounces and grams, which most people tune out very quickly. Once the nutritionist has helped you reach a certain goal, you will then be left to maintain your eating habits on your own. If you are not a very self motivated person, chances are you will not be able to continue alone. This is where people like myself come in to play. We are realists and we speak in real words. We try to make losing weight an easy habit to put into your schedule. No fancy foods or scales or charts. Just simplicity.
As I mentioned earlier in my blog, I have been involved in health and fitness for over 20 years of my life and I have read it all and I have heard it all. I have spoken to many, many experts in the fitness area and trainers in many fitness facilities. My thoughts after all my years of experience is simple: Take that word “DIET” and toss it into the trash and hit delete forever. Then you will think about your habits of eating as just that, “HABITS”.
Now you are going to change your eating habits, it is that easy. I know what you are thinking, “Where do I start?” Well, you start simply by cutting everything that you eat in HALF and I do mean everything. Once you get use to this habit, you will have shrank your stomach a bit and you will feel less hungry than when you started this change in your eating habits. Take a real good look at what you eat a lot of. You are smart enough to know that a balanced meal is the best meal. Not more of this and less of that. FAT is FAT. SUGAR IS SUGAR. We know that they, in small doses, are necessary for our body to function properly and healthy.
Also the time of the day in which to eat is important for your better habits. If you are on a day time work schedule, this is easiest for you. People that are on night shifts tend to have a harder time in watching the clock and choosing the best times to eat. Think about when you are beginning your day, your mid day, your relaxed time of your day. Your beginning time is when you can afford to eat a bigger meal, then cut it in half. Mid day is a lesser meal, then cut it in half. I would even say keep it light. Then we have the last part of your day when all you want to do is vegetate. OK that’s cool then eat veggies and salads. The rule of thumb here is simple also: do not eat at least for 4 hours before bedtime. POPCORN (Low fat of course), or GOLDFISH (YUMMIE) is a definite must when you need to munch on something. Watch out for the juices. They are a morning drink at best, they are very high in sugar.
WATER WALK> WALK. If you like shopping, do it. It will help kick off a lot of unwanted food also. When I am driving in my car, I am always thinking of some sort of movement that I can be doing while I drive, like squeezing your butt muscles together or doing tummy tighteners or tightening your legs. Sex is also a good and fun way to burn baby burn. (winks) EVERYTHING that you move in your body takes energy, which it gets from your stored, unwanted food. Even smiling takes an amazing amount of muscle movement which takes energy to do. Cleaning, is another very good thing to do, vacuuming burns a lot of energy also.
I sense a sigh already, so listen up here: If you WANT to be healthier and more fit, and I do not mean, look like a Barbie doll, I mean fit and firmer, it is possible. But like anything else that I am trying to help you with in this website, you have to want it. And I mean want it all the time. This is a direct way to a better self-esteem for you!
I know that if you have come into this website, that you spend a lot of time trying to learn how to NOT think about worries and negative issues. Soooo take that stuff out of your mind and start to focus on every little move you can make to burn your unwanted energy. There is more to getting fit and healthy than just creating better eating habits. You are also going to learn better moving and thinking habits too. Through this fitness and health section, I will be supplying you with a FAQ sheet. It will help you to get answers to questions that you have regarding getting fit and healthy. It will be written so that you can, and will use the information to become a better you.
I have met too many women that get quickly turned off of getting fit because there is way too much information out there conflicting with each other. Not to mention confusing and full of hidden ways to convince people to buy this and buy that so that they can become the ever so desired ,” Barbie Doll”, only to fall and end up right back where they started. What I am doing in my site is sharing my results through my experiences and life long searches for a doable way of making me a better, fitter and healthier person. Dorothy
“We must become the change we want to see.” –Mahatma Gandhi
“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” –John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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This article was posted on August 25, 2005