Fashion Located Around The World

Fashion Located Around The World

by: Claire Peacock

Fashion A Thing Of Beauty?

Who has the time to tear around the world to visit the
fashion world’s hot spots? Paris, London, New York and
Milan are hardly near to each other and shows go on in each
place several times each year. There’s always at least one
young designer who is ‘it’ for the year and who will be in
the limelight for many years to come. So, who is at the
forefront of trends in the next few years? Keep an eye open

A la Disposition is literally shaping the fashion world
with its amazing corsets. They are creating delicate
shaping designs to produce a fit that is perfect for every
body shape. The outer cloth will ‘hug’ the body while the
stitching holds the fabric snugly. The combination of cut
and structure from corsets of the past along with modern
innovations of elegance, A la Disposition designs luxurious
high fashion corsets. The corsets are made from the
extraordinary weaves chosen from the best mills in Italy,
England and France. Experienced needleworkers in A la
Disposition’s own workshops complete each corset. The only
negative aspect to owning an A la Disposition creation is
that your finest piece of clothing may never be seen by
those who can appreciate its style and quality.

Anna Sui is a name that might sound familiar to many and
will continue to be heard and recognized for many years to
come. Anna Sui’s start in fashion begins with an adorable
story of a young girl who would dress her dolls and the
neighbor’s action figures for her own individualized
edition of the Academy Awards. Her love of fashion
blossomed as she began to design her own clothing and took
pictures from magazines as her own personal inspiration.
She is often quoted as referring to her collection of
fashion clippings as her ‘genius files’.

After school Anna worked as a stylist and in retail but
she continued to design and make her own clothes.
Eventually she had the confidence to enter six designs in
the Boutique Show and was rewarded with an order from
Macys. Anna branched out on her own, running her business
through her apartment for ten years before she felt
confident enough to open a boutique in the SoHo area of New
York. In 1999 it was a natural progression to open a second
boutique in Los Angeles. Anna’s designs remain at the
forefront of fashion world and she is an inspiration to
absolutely everyone who comes across her.

In addition to underwear and outer wear, fashion also
influences the accessories we use both personally and in
our homes. One of the leading names in this area is Kate
Spade who is absolutely at the cutting edge and has been
since she started designing her own handbags whilst working
on the Mademoiselle magazine.

Her first line was a selection of classically shaped
handbags using innovative colors and fabrics. In 1993, with
her husband, she launched ‘Kate Spade Handbags’ which have
been honoured by the fashion industry for their excellent
designs. Kate Spade is quite simply known as the producer
of sheer elegance in accessories.

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This article was posted on August 05, 2005