No More Love Handles

No More Love Handles

by: S.P. Bragg

Love handles can disappear if you put your mind to it. Here are some easy ways… I like easy… and when the excess has disappeared, treat yourself to something nice.

Set yourself mini goals that are easy to meet. Start with how much water you would like to add to your daily intake and make that one goal. Another could be about eating raw veggies every day. Each week could be a new goal. But make them easy.
Learn to say no to family members that will coax you to have that one little piece of pie. Be strong and stick to it! They will stop when they see how serious you are.
If you want to lose those love handles, write it down especially around the refrigerator. Posting notes on the door will serve as a reminder.
If you don’t like to exercise, join a gym. I know that it sounds like a stupid idea, but trust me. It is addictive and I HATE TO EXERCISE. Maybe it’s the people that you run into?? It makes exercising more enjoyable!
Set yourself a schedule. Only at 3 pm are you allowed to have a snack. That prevents the afternoon snacking while watching the soaps. One snack and one snack only makes a big difference.
Don’t expect miracles in a week. It didn’t take a week to put on the weight, it isn’t going to come in a week either. Look to change your lifestyle and the love handles will disappear.
And now for the bad news…
It’s unfortunate but true, there are going to be places on the body where the excess is not going to want to come off. For me, that’s my waistline. But I did discover a “machine” at the gym that allows you to whittle away at this area.
And does it work? If the aching muscles in my sides are any indication, I would say yes it does. Combine that with belly dance exercises at home and you won’t even recognize your waistline!
So what do you do if you don’t visit a gym? Variations of the sit-up will work this area and of course there are the waist twists that you can work into your routine.
Just a bit more info on the waist twists. I find that if I do the twists with the aid of a broom handle positioned behind my back, I am able to actually feel the workout I’m giving my waist.

When you see some results, be sure to treat yourself to something. After all of that work, don’t you think you deserve it?

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This article was posted on April 11, 2005