Banquet hall

The decoration of the Banquet hall

The decoration of the Banquet hall for a wedding is difficult to do with your hands: this job requires not only manual dexterity and a certain skill level, but also experience and extremely refined taste. It is important to match not only the color but also the texture of fabrics. There are hundreds of original ways to decorate skirts for tables of guests and the newlyweds – such secrets known only to professionals, such as designers Studio “Union-decor”.

Price hall decoration fabrics depends on the size and format of the premises, the number and shape of tables, the quantity of the used material and the way of decor. If the celebration takes place in the hall with a stylish interior, fabric design should be a Supplement that creates the right atmosphere and sets the tone. If we are talking about a simple room with no frills, then transform it into a luxurious and elegant wedding hall will help graceful draping. Our decorators will need just a few hours to create the perfect design for your wedding hall.